The Monster OADTM

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  • Romaine Electric Corporation
  • 8811 S. 208th St.
  • Kent WA 98031
  • Shawn Bray
  • PH: 1-800-529-3955
  • PH: 1-425-264-1703
  • Fax: 1-206-374-2114
  • Cell: 1-360-789-4228
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The Monster OADTM Design


The Monster OADTM is the first OADTM to the transit market. The Monster OADTM is an 8 groove serpentine pulley specifically designed to eliminate systemic belt drive failures known to exist on every transit OEM engine platform.

The Monster OADTM pulley has two primary functions that eliminate belt drive issues. First, the pulley has an overrunning feature that allows the alternator rotor to dissipate its inertia by overrunning.

Te second and most important feature of The Monster OADTM is it's ability to absorb the torsional vibration created by the engine.

Installation Procedures