Idler Pulleys

Litens® routing idler pulleys and tensioner pulleys are produced to Original Equipment form, fit, function, and material specifications to ensure optimum performance and durability. Pulley materials may vary (plastic vs. steel) depending upon exposure to heat, location on the engine, and system tuning.

For best results, always replace idlers and tensioner pulleys with those made with the original equipment material selection.

Litens Idler Pulleys Litens Idler Pulleys
Litens Idler Pulleys Litens Idler Pulleys


Plastic Pulleys

  • Available for both backside and groove side applications
  • Glass reinforced Nylon 6/6 for optimized dimensional control and running surface durability
  • Service-free sealed ball bearing
  • Molded-in ball bearing for optimal fit and long life
  • Precise dimensional tolerance for smooth operation and long life
  • Tight rib spacing for improved running surface run-out
  • Idler Pulleys Plastic one piece designPlastic, One-Piece Design

Steel Pulleys

  • Precision steel stamping
  • Close tolerance ball bearing pocket
  • Electro-deposited epoxy coating (e-coat) for superior corrosion resistance
  • Crowned running surface aids proper tracking of the belt

Caution : Using plastic pulleys to replace Original Equipment specified steel pulleys may result in premature part failure. Conversely, the use of steel pulleys in Original Equipment specified plastic pulley applications may also result in premature part failure in some cases.

Idler Pulley Steel, One-Piece Design

Steel, One-Piece Design

Steel, Two-Piece Design, riveted

Idler Pulley Steel, Two-Piece Design, toxed

Steel, Two-Piece Design, toxed


For Idler Pulley Assemblies there is a general Installation Procedure available. Please see below.

Installation Procedures